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Monday, May 4th 2009, 6:33pm

§1.1 Account Rules: Multi-accounting
  • Old connection servers (1-14) on these servers players are allowed to play with multiple accounts. The condition however, is all the accounts must be marked in the settings of the game account, which will lead to the blocking of certain functions (mutual attacking, shops, etc..). Accounts which aren't tagged will be tagged manually by the team, and every rule broken in the meantime will be punished accordingly.
  • New servers (101-102) The new server is not allowed to play with multiple accounts. Doing so will lead to ban.
  • If 2 or more players are sharing the same IP address (brother and sister,husband and wife, Coworkers, roommates, etc.) this has to be reported to the Game Operator in charge for their Server.If not accounts will be banned without warning!
  • If your account gets banned, for IP sharing it is up to the GO if they want to unban you once they look into it.
  • Players must not attack each other while sharing the same network (when opposite race).
  • Players can not attack the same opponents. 24 hrs must pass inbetween the last attack of 1 player, and first attack of the 2nd player.
  • Players can not trade items from the market between each other while sharing the same network and registered as ip sharing users.

§1.2 Account Rules: Account Sharing
  • Every account is entitled to be played by one player only. The player of the account may only change if either account sitting takes place or if the account is exchanged. Consequences: permanent ban

§1.3 Account Rules: Account Sitting
  • No longer allowed, do not ask. Will not be granted
§1.4 Account Rules: Account Exchange
  • Account Exchange is allowed to take place only using Support System. If you are looking for a account or wanting to give one away you can do so here.
§1.5 Account Rules: Names Change
  • Account names can be changed for 10% of gold held, or 10 Hellstones.
  • During an account trading, a GO can change your user name for no charge

  • Important: After changing the name of the account, a bug can occur! Game Team & GameForge does NOT accept any responsibility if anything happens to your account.
§2.1 Gameplay Interference: Bug-Using
  • It is not allowed to purposely use a bug to gain advantage.
  • It is not allowed to purposely not report a bug that was found.
  • Bugs MUST be reported to game staff immediately

  • Consequences: permanent ban
§2.2 Account Rules: Scripts
  • The usage of a program that interferes with the game in an unconventional way is not allowed.
  • This includes programs with automated or semi-automated processes that are capable of performing ingame actions.
  • Bots and Macros are especially not allowed.

  • Consequences: permanent ban
§3 Ingame Text Rules

    Definition: Ingame texts are any form of ingame messages as well as the content of Clan Descriptions and Character Descriptions.
§3.1 Ingame Text Rules: Language
  • The official language in all services is English
  • All ingame texts have to be in English, which means that all clan / character descriptions must be in English.
  • Any non-English descriptions may be deleted / edited by the Game Operator.
  • If English is not your primary language, please try to use a translator, or just leave your descriptions blank.

  • Consequences:
    1st offense - warning
    2nd offense - 3 day ban
    3rd offense - 7 day ban
    4th offense - 15 day ban
    5th offense - permanent ban
§3.2 Ingame Text Rules: Content
    Ingame texts may not cause any offense to players of Bitefight by being of unacceptable quality. This is in particular the case:
  • When insulting another user or potential group of users.
  • When foul language is used.
  • When a racist statement is made.
  • When extreme political statements or terms are used.
  • The posting of improper pictures on alliance pages and/or links to improper websites.
  • Using special characters (!@#$%^&*...) for the nicknames.
  • Making character description bigger then normal in order to prevent opponents from seeing the "Attack Button".

  • It is up to the judgment of gamestaff to decide if a content is bannable.
    1st offense - 1-3 day ban (depending on the severity)
    2nd offense - 5-7 day ban
    3rd offense - 10-14 day ban
    4th offense - permanent ban
§3.3 Ingame Text Rules: Real life Threats
  • Implying that you are going to harm a person such as a player, a team member, a Gameforge representative or any other person is forbidden.

  • Consequences: permanent ban
§3.4 Ingame Text Rules: Spam

    Sending messages with the purpose of annoying other persons or spamming them is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • repeated sending of empty messages
  • sending the same message a couple of times
  • sending messages that are clearly spam
  • sending bitelinks

  • Consequences:
    1st offense - 1 day ban
    2nd offense - 3 day ban
    3rd offense - 7 day ban
    4th offense -15 day ban
    5th offense - permanent ban

    Ingame Reporting:
    All messages sent in the game have a Report Function attached to it. This is to make it easier to report inappropriate content in messages, only. Misuse of this function may result in a 24 hour ban from the game.
§3.5 Ingame Text Rules: Ingame Names
  • Ingame names may not cause offense and have to follow the guidelines stated in Ingame texts
§4 Proxy Rules
  • The usage of a proxy or other method to hide the IP address in the game interface is not allowed.
  • If the usage of the proxy is the only way to play the game the permission of the Game Operator has to be obtained before using the proxy.
  • If a player is abusing the proxy to be able to cheat the rules or to gain advantage, when detected, will result in ban of all accounts on and on the board.

  • Consequences: permanent ban
§5 Abuse of the Rules
  • Any attempt to get an unfair personal advantage from a team member's decision is not allowed.
  • This includes in particular allowing someone to attack you as often as he wants and then reporting him for bashing reporting someone for bashing you are officially at war with.

  • Consequences: permanent ban
  • Impersonating or claiming to be a staff member of is forbidden.

  • Consequences: permanent ban
  • Extortion is illegal and forbidden

  • Consequences: permanent ban

    NOTE: A member of the game staff might ban you temporarily or permanent.
  • This includes accounts that have or have not broken any of the above stated rules.
  • Also,take into account that your behavior on any of our services might end up in a permanent or temporary ban from the whole community and its services.

The Terms and Conditions are above the rules, please make sure to read them, too!

The team reserves the right to change the game rules as needed to benefit it's users, and the community.

Embrace The Darkness

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